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December 4, 2015

Wall Street's army of lobbyists are hard at work, trying to hijack the appropriations process as a vehicle to enact its deregulatory wish list

This week, Better Markets President and CEO Dennis Kelleher wrote in an editorial, titled Don’t Let Wall Street Get Away With Dodd-Frank Reform Rollbacks, outlining how Wall Street and its army of lobbyists are currently hard at work, once again trying to hijack must-pass legislation as a vehicle to enact its dangerous deregulatory wish list. This year, it’s essentially holding national priorities like health care, the environment, and education hostage until its allies in Congress agree to roll back key safeguards in the appropriations bill being negotiated now in Washington, which would put the American people back at risk just seven years after the devastating 2008 financial crash. The editorial highlights that the American people deserve a clean appropriations bill free of Wall Street’s special interest provisions:

“Members of Congress shouldn’t fall for these tactics. They should see these provisions for what they really are: special interest giveaways to Wall Street that have no place in a funding bill that is supposed to be about the American people’s priorities, like homeland security, education, science, research and development, environmental protection, health care and so much more.”

You can read the editorial here



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