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March 11, 2016

The CFTC’s Repudiation of a Biased Industry Drafted Report Should be a Model Followed by all Financial Rulemaking Agencies, especially the SEC

Friday, March 11, 2016
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Washington, DC — Better Markets President and CEO Dennis Kelleher released the following statement regarding today’s CFTC announcement that the industry drafted biased report from its Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee on position limits is being withdrawn:

“The CFTC’s repudiation today of a report by its biased industry-stacked advisory committee is good news for consumers, transparency, oversight and accountability.  Such advisory committees are often little more than vehicles for secret backdoor industry influence at the financial rulemaking agencies, causing the public interest to be subordinated to industry profits.

“Unfortunately, a corrupted CFTC advisory committee isn’t an isolated event.  Such practices are common as can be seen at the SEC with the Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee, which is also stacked with industry insiders seeking to protect their profits rather than investors.  Advisory committees should be balanced and prohibit industry domination, which enables private interests to hijack rulemaking priorities and improperly influence these key agencies.  We call on the CFTC, the SEC and other rulemaking agencies to clean house and put their advisory committees on the side of the public interest where they belong.

“We applaud Ty Slocum from Public Citizen, the non-industry participant on the committee, for blowing the whistle and bringing this disreputable conduct to light.  We also thank Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) for immediately writing to the CFTC and asking the fundamental questions raised by this misconduct, including possible violations of law.”


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