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Regulators Still Aren’t Serious About Ending Too Big to Fail

This Op-Ed was published on the Barron’s website. The catastrophic 2008 financial crisis was caused by Wall Street banks that were big, complex, leveraged, interconnected, and systemically important. They were so big that elected officials, policymakers, and regulators faced a difficult choice: bail them out with taxpayer money or let them fail and risk precipitating […]

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2 threats facing today’s investors—and the regulatory response

This article was published in the NAPFA Advisor Magazine. The U.S. economy and financial markets have entered a period of heightened uncertainty, posing fresh challenges for investors. Inflation is up sharply, a possible recession looms, and the securities markets are exhibiting significant volatility while venturing into bear territory. Commodity prices are also experiencing huge price […]

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Why Jay Powell has been a ‘dangerous man’ at the Fed

This Op-Ed was posted in the Financial Times In a recent hearing, Senator Elizabeth Warren told US Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell that he is “a dangerous man” and that she would not support his renomination to head the central bank. Warren said deregulation supported by Powell over the past four years has undermined the […]

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Next Fed Supervision Vice Chair Must Restore Bank Oversight

By Phillip Basil, Better Markets Director of Banking Policy (Published in Law360, October 7, 2021) The last four years were bad for bank supervision and regulation. The priorities were to weaken regulations and to soften supervision to make it fairer and less assertive to banks. Indeed, as a Wall Street Journal headline put it in […]

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The Agenda for New SEC Chairman Gary Gensler

By Dennis Kelleher, Co-founder, President and CEO of Better Markets (The op-ed originally appeared in the Financial Times—condensed for length and subscription required. The complete op-ed is below.) Gary Gensler, the former Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and former partner at Goldman Sachs, was sworn into office Saturday, April 17, 2021, as the new Chairman of […]

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The Agenda the SEC Faces & America Needs

The Financial Times published an op-ed by Dennis Kelleher on the SEC agenda under new Chairman Gary Gensler. You can read it here (subscription required), but, due to space, the submitted op-ed was cut. Click on the link below for the full op-ed.

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Op-Ed: It’s Time to Ramp Up Punishment for Wall Street Wrongdoers

While GameStop’s meteoric rise fueled by the Reddit Revolution and Robinhood’s retail army is capturing headlines, the biggest Wall Street banks get little attention as they continue a much more shocking, but less visible crime spree. This is the premise of an opinion piece by President and CEO Dennis Kelleher which recently ran in Law360 […]

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Don’t mess with rules curbing derivatives risk

By Dennis Kelleher and Joseph R. Cisewski (this op-ed originally appeared in American Banker) Derivatives dealing and trading can be high-risk activities with catastrophic financial and economic consequences, as learned during the 2008 financial crisis. Many derivatives are not only dangerous in itself but serve as a key transmission mechanism for spreading risk. Too often, […]

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The economic answers voters want from the presidential candidates

By Dennis Kelleher (this op-ed originally appeared in The Hill) The economy is one of the most important issues to American voters, regardless of party affiliation. This makes sense given how much economic stress and distress tens of millions of American families are suffering. They are working harder and harder for less and less, barely […]

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