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August 5, 2015

11 Times Jon Stewart Exposed the Absurdities of Wall Street

Jon Stewart is known for exposing the absurd. After causing the worst financial crisis since the Great Crash of 1929 and the worst economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s – which cost the United States more than $20 trillion and millions of Americans their jobs, homes and savings, and more – executives at the too-big-to-fail banks worked to avoid accountability and attempted to unravel financial reforms implemented in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis they caused. But Jon Stewart called them out and exposed their lies and wrongdoing in an entertaining and relatable way like few others. As he gets ready to leave the show, here’s a look back at Jon Stewart’s best Wall Street takedowns:

When Wall Street lobbyists wrote their own provision into a must past spending bill, Jon Stewart was on it:


Remember when we all gave AIG a $184 billion bailout? Jon Stewart did. Now AIG is suing us for more:


How a politician that worked against the Dodd-Frank financial reform law went to work for an investment bank after leaving Congress:


Jon Stewart showed us the loooooooooong arc of justice when it comes to prosecuting those responsible for the financial crisis:​


Jon Stewart answers the age-old question: are corporations people?


Did the news media overreact to the JP Morgan – Department of Justice settlement? Yes:


Jon Stewart can’t believe that our nation’s enemies are getting better bank customer service than he is:


When AIG CEO Hank Greenberg thanked taxpayers for bailing them out by filing a lawsuit:


Did banks submit false data for the good of the economy? No, just for the good of themselves:


In this segment, we learned the difference between insider trading and high frequency trading:


AIG uses taxpayer money to hand out bonuses at a time when “our outrage reserves have been severely depleted by this difficult economy”: 



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