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September 12, 2012

We Appreciate the Compliments

Better Markets has only been around a short time, but it has aggressively promoted the public interest and pushed back hard on the actions, activities and massive misinformation campaigns of Wall Street and its many allies, almost all of whom are on the payroll directly or indirectly.

That hasn’t endeared us to them.  The Wall Street crowd is accustomed to almost everyone bowing before them, accepting what they say uncritically and, almost always, praising them and their activities.  Few have the nerve to challenge them, their activities and their claims directly and publicly.  That, however, is what Better Markets does.

Today is a good example:  Wall Street has been whinnying nonstop for years now about how they have been treated and have claimed that financial reform is going to cost them so much and be bad for everyone.  But in all their complaints about how bad things are for them, they almost never mention the financial and economic crisis they caused and were enriched by.  They also don’t talk about the ongoing economic wreckage they caused across our country.  They don’t mention that financial reform and the rules putting it into effect are to protect the American people from them and their reckless trading and investments that caused the last crisis and will cause the next one.  

Better Markets is detailing that for the first time in a report to be released today on the costs of the Wall Street caused crisis. This is just the latest reason why Better Markets is referred to as “the reform group Wall Street most loves to hate” and “a persistent thorn in the side of Wall Street.” (See here.)

Given the mission to promote the public interest and protect the American people and taxpayers from ever again having to suffer through a Wall Street caused financial and economic crisis — and thereby prevent more bailouts and raids on taxpayers — Better Markets accepts the compliments.  



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