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June 28, 2018

Contrary to Congressional Mandate, SEC Votes to Give Itself Inappropriate Control Over Whistleblower Rewards

Thursday, June28, 2018
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Washington, D.C. – Lev Bagramian, Senior Securities Policy Advisor for Better Markets issued this statement following a vote by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to give itself discretion to determine whistleblower program rewards:

“Today, the SEC voted to give itself authority that Congress expressly denied the agency when it created the Whistleblower Rewards Program.  Congress, in law, set the hugely successful Program’s award levels, and allowed no discretion to the Commission to put a dollar limit on them.  The SEC proposed to set exactly such a limit, in breach of Congress’s intent and the law.

“Having returned $1.4 billion to investors that they would have otherwise not received, the Program encourages whistleblowers to come forward which enables the SEC to find fraudsters it would never otherwise even know about.

“Not only does the SEC lack the authority to limit the awards, this is also bad public policy.   Congress created this program to maximally incentivize whistleblowers, who take tremendous, potentially career-ending risks, to come to the Commission by amply and predictably rewarding them.  This change would introduce unpredictability and uncertainty exactly in situations where it shouldn’t.”


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