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Category: Press Releases

Strong Volcker Rule Needed to Halt Wall Street’s Casino Bets

Better Markets today urged federal regulators to strengthen its proposed Volcker Rule that would ban proprietary trading, arguing that such protections are needed to prevent another financial crisis from occurring again and ending Wall Street bailouts. “The argument for the Volcker Rule is obvious — we shouldn’t allow risky bets that pay enormous bonuses to bankers if […]

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Deceptive SEC Policy Announcement Change Criticized

“This so-called major policy change leaked by the SEC is less than meaningless – it is deceptive,” said Dennis Kelleher, president and CEO of Better Markets, a nonprofit group promoting the public interest in the financial markets.  “The SEC is trying to suggest that it is going to get tough with securities lawbreakers by changing […]

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SEC’s Appeal Rewards Wall Street, Does Not Serve The Public Interest

“Rather than litigating against Wall Street and holding it accountable for misconduct, the SEC has decided to litigate against a federal judge who refused to rubber-stamp their proposed indefensible settlement with Citigroup.  After carefully and thoroughly scrutinizing the SEC’s court filings, Judge Rakoff came to the correct conclusion that the settlement was not fair, adequate […]

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CFTC Rule Is Nice, Funding Enforcement Would be Better

The CFTC adopted a very important rule today to ensure customer accounts cannot be looted. But the rule will only be effective if it can be enforced and Congress has refused to provide the CFTC with enough funding to do its job.   “Without funding, the CFTC simply does not have enough cops on the beat […]

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Better Markets Hires Senate Banking Committee Chief Economist

Better Markets announced today that it has hired the Chief Economist for the Senate Banking Committee, Marc Jarsulic, as its Chief Economist, strengthening the public interest group’s expertise in banking issues as well as oversight of the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve. Dr. Jarsulic served until a week ago as Chief Economist for the […]

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